Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sketches and Scratches 54

It's kinda of cool that no matter how much i try to get way from traditional pencils or how many cool new digital tools I get my hands on I always find my center, my peace, some solace in traditional raw pencil. Just seeing something develop right in front of you is kinda of pleasing. 

Black Panther is Property of Marvel Comics 2010
Art is mine

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sketches and Scratches 53

Just a little something from the archives.  well not really the archives just something I have been holding back because of other things. This year I am trying really push my art.  I sometimes find it hard to promote my art.   this year I want to just show more so lets start it with a little Powergirl sketch.


More to come

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Its 2011 and I wil just keep moving forward.

Happy New year all,

This is the quickest  update i have ever done. so don't get used to it.  I have been grindin on a new job  that take alot of time. But please believe have not been slacking on my art no way no how that is never gonna happen.  However since it is the start of brand new year I have keep my tradition going.  And that tradition is to draw one peice of art at the stroke mid night and not stop and until it finished.   Last Year was fun year was turned out just as great.

 Back with more soon