Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Karmic Agenda #1 is now Available on Comxology

Karmic Agenda #1

Cover by: William Anderson
Written by: William Anderson
Pencils: William Anderson
Inks: William Anderson
Lettered by: William Anderson
Colored by: Yinfaowei Harrison
Price: $0.99

On a dusty road in the land of the Rylos empire a carriage holding a few mercenaries move quietly through the countryside. With nothing to but stare the forest, Shemeggie bites of more than he can chew when he tries to relieve his boredom on an unsuspecting passerby.

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Looking for a Colorist

Looking for a Color
I’m on the hunt for a colorist for my creator-owned comic project I’m looking to release in 2014.  I’m hopeful I’ll find the right person for the job. THIS IS A  PAID Position. I am an independent, so I can pay about $35-$40 per page and that depends on skill and technique.
Anyway, here’s the quick skinny-
Stylistically, I’m looking for the following on this comic project:
• Clean cut light and shadow reminiscent of animation or cel-shade ( ie, udon or even skullkickers, etc,etc). This will require a solid understanding of light direction, cast shadows, and volume even though the coloring ‘cuts’ may look deceptively simple.
• Light effects created by coloring the line art itself and using solid highlights instead of a lot of airbrush/gradients over top of the line art. I’m not looking for a soft/fuzzy/rounded rendering style for this project.
Here are a few examples of the kind of style I looking for in my hunt for colorist for my creator-owned project.

If you are interested please hit my by message me or this emall address: info@omnioneproductions.com