Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Looking for a Colorist

Looking for a Color
I’m on the hunt for a colorist for my creator-owned comic project I’m looking to release in 2014.  I’m hopeful I’ll find the right person for the job. THIS IS A  PAID Position. I am an independent, so I can pay about $35-$40 per page and that depends on skill and technique.
Anyway, here’s the quick skinny-
Stylistically, I’m looking for the following on this comic project:
• Clean cut light and shadow reminiscent of animation or cel-shade ( ie, udon or even skullkickers, etc,etc). This will require a solid understanding of light direction, cast shadows, and volume even though the coloring ‘cuts’ may look deceptively simple.
• Light effects created by coloring the line art itself and using solid highlights instead of a lot of airbrush/gradients over top of the line art. I’m not looking for a soft/fuzzy/rounded rendering style for this project.
Here are a few examples of the kind of style I looking for in my hunt for colorist for my creator-owned project.

If you are interested please hit my by message me or this emall address:

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