By Request (Commisions)


The Intro:
if your are reading this section of my website that would means you are interested in my artwork as well as an interest in seeing me do a commission work for you or collaborating to create a character for you or your comic book or personal property. Before I jump into pricing and all of that I would like to get a few things straight about my art and what I will and will not do.

Let me keep it short and sweet I take my art seriously and I take what is ask of me just as serious. I will not do anything I think is morally reprehensible, offensive or detrimental to others. The subject matter in which I render this commissions and concept will stay the realms which I deem copacetic ( i.e. comic, fan art, concepts, fantasy , superheroes and etc.)

Pricing for commissions and concept work:

PERSONAL commissions

(ie superheroes, personal character already established etc etc…)
Concept art and Character design

(personal project and new character design)**
$20 - sketch

$35 - Clean lineart (single character)

$40 - lineart single character and bg

$45 - lineart single character color no bg

$50 - lineart singe character /bg/colors
For all art that is not discussed above, price will depend on a case by case bases.
$30 – lineart

$35 - clean lineart/ traditional inks

$40 – line art / full black and white render ( shading)

$45 – lineart and colors (no bg)

- For info on 3D rendering please contact me.
Per character.
For all art that is not discussed above,price will depend on a case by case bases.
For sequential art and page rates please contact me for more info.

For all art that is not discussed above,price will depend on a case by case bases.
For sequential art and page rates please contact me for more info.

*All commissions will commence once payment is received
*** these prices and information can change at anytime however all deals agreed upon prior to changes will be held up and that is my word.

Payment Options:
All payment can be made by paypal or money order. Depending on size of commission and time needed to do commission, half of payment may be needed to be paid up front. These payments can be refunded at any time, if necessary.

Creative brief:
Depending on job description and amount of work that may needed to be done a creative brief will be drawn out to ensure your job will be done as per agreed on by both parties. This creative brief will spell out all work to be done so that no complications will be had further down the line where the work and well as the relationship between artist and patron may come into question.

**Ownership and Creative Rights:
This only pertains to concept art and character designs. All art that is paid in full by their patrons, authors, writers and companies are fully owned and by those said people and may do what they wish with these characters, however I do retain the right to display the art at any time publicly or in a portfolio to promote myself and my skills as an artist. If any their patrons, authors, writers and companies does not want their art to be shown at any time a separate contract will have to be drawn up with those specifications in mind.

Contact info: William Anderson

Furthermore: For me commissions means more than just superheroes and concept art work, so if a patron needs a website, layout work, logos or any graphic design work , contact me I am a jack of all trades.

To see what I am talking about please check out my portfolio site.OMNI-ONE PRODUCTIONS

Disclaimer: All characters are are property of their respective owners 2012 © All art is copyrighted by
William Anderson and Omni-OneProductions © 2012 until payment for concepts are pain in full.