Friday, September 03, 2010

Sketches and Scratches 46

Another Warm-up this on was inspired by the countless peices done by Terry Dodson.  Hands down Terry Dodson and Adam Hughes can draw female characters like no other.

White Queen

I will be back with more soon.



mat said...

hey Will

my name it Mat and ive just started a degree in animation, and i really want to get some projects with authors, comics, pretty much anyone, but im not sure how to get my art work out there, i was wondering if you had any tips?

thanks :)

William Anderson said...

Hey Mat,

Well your best is to start networking and putting up your artworks so people can see it. There are a lot a place where you can upload your artwork. Places like Deviantart, Flickr, Behence,, and literally hundreds of forums out there. If your push hard enough and are not afraid of a little criticism you will get noticed and thing will start happen.

helene_rousseaux said...

Hi William,

My name is Hélène,i'm 20, I'm French and I study in a school of art.I'm a great fan of Disney and I would like to go in a school of animation in Paris but there is a competition to be accepted in. Your artwork is really wonderful and I am totally lost in admiration. I would like to have this talent! I would have 10,000 questions to ask you!!:) If you have some advice, I take!! I give you my address :) I would like to show you what I make:)
Thank you :)
see you soon :))
French girl

mat said...

Thanks heaps Will !!! : )

William Anderson said...

Hey Helene,

I have been admirer of animation all my life, but never saw my style as something that was even comparable to animation. I will try and help as much as I can and answer as many questions as I can. But there are a few other artists, especially those I follow that will have more insight into the animation world, than I would. You should check out Sam Liu, Lauren Montgomery and Lesean thomas's blogs and websites. ===>

Hélène said...

Merci l'artiste!