Thursday, April 02, 2009

From Concept to Creation: Hsien-Ko: Stage 2

Full sized rough.

Well what this time around I am show you all the next stage. This is where I would create a full size rough version of the idea. I normally do this in non-repro blue or red pencil or a any pencil (3h to 9h) lying around. At this stage I try to go in as lose as possible because I never know if I cam going to make any change on the fly. I go ahead and add all of the detail in at this stage as well. I also add the representations of line weight along with the spot blacks. Which I hardly every do and or shadows which again I hardly ever do. At this point i make the decision weather I am going to color the piece as well. It all depends on the desired out.
stage 2

Back with stage 3 which will be the clean pencils and will probably end up on my website.


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